Who We Are

Serving the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas

About The Company

Contract Furniture Options, established in 1997, is a full service contract office furniture, flooring & architectural products dealership servicing the DMV, National & International Customers

Our primary focus is you and your organizational needs & values!

CFO’s Expert team, possessing over 60 years of experience, will assess your needs, learn your goals, vision and values and eventually develop an i3 Solution:  Individualized, Innovative & Intentional new office space.

We will work to provide agile, flexible and adaptable workspace that will provide the vignettes and flow to maximize and support your team and how they want and need to work. 

 CFO recognizes that your associates and your office will need unique and purposeful work areas to support both collaborative and individual work activities.  Providing purposeful work areas will maximize safety and employee wellness, enhance your brand, image, teamwork and ultimately organizational morale and productivity.

The Approach



At CFO we believe your office should reflect your culture, brand, vision, work activities, work group interactions, goals, corporate & project objectives.  Ultimately, these factors along with the organizational growth plans will ensure that your investment in CRE, the second largest cost for most business, is maximized. Of course, we are talking about your corporate real estate!!

CFO will engage your associates to assess work place flow & adjacencies to create the most efficient and productive plan design.  We will assist from project inception to final walk.  

We believe your project success is greatly influenced by how effective communication occurs between the construction team, your staff and our team.

Assessment and Planning Phase:
Cultural Assessments and Programming

  • Determine the “Construction Team Members”
  • Develop consensus on project vision, goals, and budget.
    Brand & Image
    Vision & Vision
    Company Morale
    Recruiting and retention
  • Establish Construction Team meeting schedule and work flow/communication
  • Return to work strategies / concerns?
    Working from home, does it work for your organization?
    Employee safety & confidence
    Employee shifting
  • Company protocols related to workplace safety.
    social distancing
    group meetings
    sanitization policies
  • Understand Your Scope of Work
  • Group and individual interviews to drive project buy in and excitement for the new office space
    Assess individual, group & company wide work activities.
    Do you have the work areas to support how your employees like to work and work most effectively?
    What adjacencies are needed to drive efficiency and productivity?
  • Project progress and communication to build excitement and gain company-wide “buy in”, ownership & support.


Design Phase:

Concept Development and Inspiring Design

Inspiring design + expertise = INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS

In order to achieve INNOVATIVE solutions, we must first develop a clear understanding of your vision and maintain a close and continuous collaborative relationship with all the key influencers throughout your project.   

In today’s world it is extremely important to bring agile, flexible and adaptable offerings that the exceed the rapidly changing and evolving market conditions.   CFO’s team continuously invest a great amount of time, effort and passion to ensure we are knowledgeable and actively apply these offerings to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

CFO has many strong relationships, partnerships and experience to ensure we stay abreast to the latest trends and solutions.    We continuously engage with architects, designers, contractors, manufacturers, CRE professionals across all vertical markets. 

Ultimately at CFO, we believe our thirst for expanding our knowledge, commitment to bring state of the art solutions and inspiring design concepts.  

The CFO team also delivers over 60 years of industry experience and hundreds of furniture manufacturers to bring your vision to life within your budget and on time!  We carefully select inspiring solutions that match the desired intent, aesthetic and quality resulting exceptional valued and innovative solutions.

CFO successfully served 1000s customers with inspiring designs and managed the entire construction process to avoid roadblocks to deliver the INNOVATIVE solutions on time every time.


Purposeful placement phase:

A company’s workspace must support the people working within it, how the like to work and how they work most efficiently. When office designs are human-centered, reflective of the culture and company brand, set with a purpose, the result is an intentional work space.  An intention workspace will help attract, engage, retain and recruit top talent.   The office should be an evolving, agile space that supports your organization and its growth and productivity.  Your office should continue to evolve with new, emerging trends. Intentional designs are the difference between a space that grows stale and one the promote the company brand culture and morale.

The fucus of Intentional designs are:

  • Employee attraction & retention
  • Increased productivity & collaboration
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Better work process & flow
  • Improved ergonomics & wellness
  • Healthy brand culture
  • Maximum space utilization

Services & Capabilities

Locally in the DMV, nationally & internationally.
Space planning
Budget pricing
Concept design
Project management
Asset Management
Moving & Storage
PPE Resources & Sanitation
Sound Masking
Wall coverings
Architecture products and solution
Installation & Reconfigurations

Markets served:

GSA & Salt
Health Care
Education K12 & Higher Ed
Senior Living
Outdoor Spaces