Working Out While Working

People spend an average of 7.7 hours every day sitting. Talk about the health issues there! Why not do it in a comfortable seat that’s good for your body? That’s why these ONGO stools are our offices newest addition.

It’s important that we maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when spending long days in the office. Many of our health issues stem from a lack of movement and the chairs we sit in all day. Poor posture causes poor alignment and the seats we sit in can make it worse. While a soft chair seems comfortably inviting, if it has too much cushion it can cause the body to sink, reducing blood flow and causing compression under the legs, making it painful to get up at the end of the work day. On the other hand, a chair that’s too hard prevents the pressure from being distributed evenly, also causing discomfort. From a chiropractic standpoint, an ideal seat cushion should be about 2 inches thick, and guess what? That’s what these ONGO stools have!

Many feel that they do not have the time to go to the gym every day or catch that yoga class after work, so why not look for easy solutions in the workspace? It only makes sense to take advantage of something you already do every day and make it work for you in a way that’s healthier!

These stools have an adjustable height of about eight and half inches making it great for sitting at any desk, table, or conference table. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to move around, and for the fashionistas, the stool comes in a variety of colors. You can choose colors for the base, seat, and track making it easy to fit in with any home or office décor.

It helps allow you to comfortably sit upright in a position that strengthens your muscles and aligns your back improving your posture. The rounded base allows movement and flexibility while sitting. It includes the unique feature of audible feedback with the addition of a circular track. Interchangeable marbles that can be inserted into the track move when you do as a reminder to keep moving. This can be a nice white noise while working at the office, or a motivator while at the gym!

Yes, that’s right, the gym! Any workout can be improved with the use of these stools. Lower back muscles get stronger with back and forth, side to side movements so don’t be surprised if you notice a six pack after doing so! I used a stool, much like this one, in physical therapy at the chiropractor. I had been getting severe migraines every few weeks for several years and medications only made it worse. I started doing exercises to improve my posture by gaining back muscles and aligning my back and one of those exercises included the back and forth, and side to side movements in flexible a chair that allowed the pelvis to rotate. After only a few weeks I saw improvement and the migraines faded. All the years of observing what I ate to establish migraine triggers, only to find out it was the alignment of my back that caused unnecessary pressure on my neck and shoulders. Do your back an ONGOing favor and make sure you’re sitting in a chair that’s good for you!

By: Julie Geist

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