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Neo Con East Now Trending

We noticed a few trends at this year’s Neocon East and we wanted to share them with you! Privacy Seating    With the expansion of social media and an online world, the need for privacy is greater. Furniture is no exception. We are noticing that privacy seating is becoming more and more available with higher… Read more »

Maximizing Small Spaces

Do you live in a cramped apartment? Have no fear, CFO is here! Living in small spaces can seem suffocating. We have some practical tips that will help you make the most of your small space without breaking the bank. For starters, we suggest eliminating clutter. Seems pretty obvious, right? Use only a few items… Read more »

Working Out While Working

People spend an average of 7.7 hours every day sitting. Talk about the health issues there! Why not do it in a comfortable seat that’s good for your body? That’s why these ONGO stools are our offices newest addition. It’s important that we maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when spending long days in the office…. Read more »