Architectural, Task & Decorative Lighting for Offices in Washington DC

When it comes to the overall ambience of an office, choosing what type of lighting to install is a critical decision. Contract Furniture Options Inc features over 250 manufacturers, so that all our customers have a variety to choose from. Some of the lighting we offer include architectural, task and decorative lighting for offices in Washington, DC. The type of lighting chosen can turn transform a drab, boring office into a modern workspace. Aside from aesthetics, task lighting for offices can be crucial for productivity and employee comfort.

Architectural Lighting Supplier & Commercial
Office LED Lighting Products

As an architectural lighting supplier in Washington, DC since 1997, Contract Furniture Options Inc knows that quality is key. Commercial office LED products are one of those items that need to be made with superior quality in mind, since they will be used much more frequently than in a residential space. With our extensive customer list and lighting collection, we know that providing the best architectural lighting and commercial office LED lighting products in Washington, DC needs to be our priority.

Desk Lights & Office Lamps – Task Lighting

At Contract Furniture Options Inc, we do not just carry commercial and architectural overhead lighting, we also carry a selection of desk lights and office lamps in Washington, DC. Corporate offices are one of the more common places that desk lights and office lamps are used, along with some reception and waiting areas. We are confident that you will find office lighting to match your needs with the variety of sizes, shapes and styles, available. Our selection also carries many different styles of task lighting, from adjustable desk lamps for drawing to wall mounted directional task lights to showcase specific items.

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