Office Furniture Supplier for New York, NY (NYC)

Business, Hospitality, Government Office & School Furniture

Contract Furniture Options Inc. (CFO) is a leading dealer in commercial furnishings and office furniture. CFO offers services to all national and international locations, Including New York City. We recognize that NYC is the largest city in the United States and the capital for finance, commerce, media, culture and education.

Corporate Office Furniture Company in New York City (NYC)

York City is home to an immense number of businesses in every department and exists as the center of the New York metropolitan area, where people commute long distances every day. Contract Furniture Options stays up-to-date with the fast changing trends of the design world and the ergonomics that will keep any office space working at its best. It is also important that an office space looks its best in the company of clients and associates. CFO carries a variety of lines of office desks and chairs, conference tables, modular furniture and more.

Government Furniture (GSA Furniture Supplier) in NYC

Contract Furniture Options provides approved GSA furniture for any location used for United States government general services. CFO represents over 30 manufacturers that carry GSA approved product lines, including OFS, Group Lacasse, Carolina, Hon and All Seating. The stated GSA prices of these many product lines give Federal customers enough variety and flexibility to help meet their needs.

Hospitality Furniture Supplier in NYC

CFO provides furniture and furnishings for Hospitality businesses in NYC, whether it be hotel rooms, lounge areas, or shopping centers. Our wide selection of furniture offers a variety of designs, suiting a variety of styles of atmosphere. Contract Furniture Options provides carpeting, wall coverings and accessories as well as other interior installations apart from custom furniture. We represent over 250 manufacturers and are ready to provide a custom and made-to-order job.

Restaurant Furniture in New York City, NY

New York City is a major city and a world famous hub for some of the best restaurants in the world. Businesses are rapidly changing and new restaurants are popping up every day. Contract Furniture Options provides restaurant furniture and furnishings, offering the quality, durability and design that public establishments demand. CFO supplies contemporary designs to compliment any style from upscale establishments to small bars and even outdoor dining.

School & Education Furniture Supplier for NYC

Several universities, specialty schools, public libraries, centers of research and other educational center residing in the New York City limits. Contract Furniture Options offers current designs in furniture that can serve the educational environment. Current designs include furniture with versatility and that furniture that is tech savvy so that people can get the most out of educational spaces.

Healthcare Furniture for New York City, NY

We also do furniture and installations for the healthcare department, as NYC holds some of the most advanced centers for healthcare. We offer both public lounge furniture as well patient room furniture and case goods. We care for our clients’ satisfaction in our detail oriented work and strive to fulfill the sensitive needs of the healthcare environment.