School & Education Furniture Supplier in Maryland

The DC/MD/VA area holds some of the most educated cities in the United States, and with that honorable title comes the high standards for the educational environment. Current designs in educational furniture contribute to the nurture and motivation that make up an effective learning atmosphere. Versatility in educational furniture can help transform a classroom to suit whatever educational needs it may have. Schools today incorporate new technologies and demand products that are innovative and can serve the modern and ever changing needs in education.

We strive to help form the essential workstation whether it is corporate or educational. For educational facilities we offer design solutions from as small as a simple custom order to a design of the entire space from the ground up. Our goal is to marry comfort and utility for maximum satisfaction and productivity.


We offer the following products including more.

School desks and chairs
AV equipment
Cafeteria furniture
Science furniture
Art furniture
Gym equipment
Lounge seating

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