Height Adjustable Work Surfaces

During the 18th and 19th centuries stand up desks were popular in homes and offices. Notable users of standing desks include Lenardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Height adjustable work surfaces are now becoming very popular in work space today! Height adjustable desks have been made in many different styles and variations.  

A hip club room for a DC apartment building. What a cool design!

Pain Free Work Day

lacasse height adjustable desk

Individuals who used height-adjustable desks were 78% more likely to report a pain-free day than those who used regular workstations, according to a Stanford University back pain study.

Neo Con East Now Trending

We noticed a few trends at this year’s Neocon East and we wanted to share them with you!

Privacy Seating


GI_Oracle_44 With the expansion of social media and an online world, the need for privacy is greater. Furniture is no exception. We are noticing that privacy seating is becoming more and more available with higher backs and side panels. These are great for private meetings in busy public places or even for a place to sit without someone watching over your shoulder.

GI_Oracle_27 GI_Oracle_11 office_privee Privacy Seating

The Bucket Chair

Blast into the past with a new bucket chair. These chairs are popping up all over our vendor sites.

Oval ChairSorriso_3 bucket chairBucketsLilac_L7_1-550x550Fan_bucket chair


Metal & Wood Furniture- Mixed Materials

You’ll find no shortage of the industrial look these days. Mixing materials like metal and wood influence an industrial edge for a chic new look.

98187-1-158x158 ionia stool Plato Stool 98184-1-158x158 98181-1-158x158 indy barstool coffee table wagon side table castors stella-side-chair-with-wood-seat Industrial

Geometric Shapes and Lines

Lines and patterns are in! Geometric designs are influencing the shape of today’s furniture. We’re seeing more lines, more edges, and a more modern look with the simplicity of shapes. Check out these designs below that use a simple box shape to create a fun and unique environment. 

Geometric Space Geometric Space Geometric Chair

Maximizing Small Spaces

Do you live in a cramped apartment? Have no fear, CFO is here! Living in small spaces can seem suffocating. We have some practical tips that will help you make the most of your small space without breaking the bank.

For starters, we suggest eliminating clutter. Seems pretty obvious, right? Use only a few items as center pieces to draw attention away from the size of the space and emphasize a few focus objects that your guests will marvel over.  On a similar note, just as we suggest getting rid of clutter, we also recommend not over accessorizing every shelf. Leaving empty space on shelving will help to open up the room by eliminating the cramped feeling that clutter can cause. If you fill up a shelf with too many center pieces, you are adding to the clutter that you’re trying to get rid of.

Multipurpose Furniture

Furniture is important when it comes to decorating a small space. When there isn’t a lot of room for furniture, using pieces with a multifunctional purpose can be key. Ottoman’s work great to double as an extra seat in the room when guests are visiting. You can even purchase ottomans that come with flip top cushions to turn the ottoman into an extra side table. Another helpful tip is to use furniture that has castors. A table with wheels can easily be rolled into place for use when needed or pushed out of the way when it’s not. This helps give you the space you want when you need it.

Bookshelf Lounger                                                                        Bookshelf Seating


Another trick to making a small space feel and appear larger is by adding a large mirror to a wall or using a set of several smaller ones. The reflection of the mirror will cause the space to seem larger than it is. Mind tricks do work!

Mirrors                                    Mirrors                                      Mirrors 3


It is important to be mindful of the colors you select when designing a small space. Using too many dark colors can close a space making them feel small and closed off. Stick to light and neutral colors, such as beige and off-whites, to help bring light to the space and allow it to feel more open. If you’re really itching for the dark side, try using a dark color on only one wall, as an accent wall. This will make the wall look like its receding and will create a bigger feel to the space. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. Remember, when selecting colors, this goes for not only the walls but, the furniture and draperies as well. If you use draperies the same color as the wall, you can also create the feeling of a bigger room.


Do not underestimate the power of natural light. If you are fortunate to have windows in the space you are decorating, keep the blinds or draperies open to allow as much natural light into the room as possible. It makes the room feel light and airy creating the feeling of more space. Without natural light, the right choice for light fixtures can also be critical; there is such a thing as too much and too little light. Using over-sized pieces will cause the room to feel heavy. Stick to smaller fixtures and place them in areas of the room that will be most beneficial for lighting.


By: Julie Geist

Working Out While Working

People spend an average of 7.7 hours every day sitting. Talk about the health issues there! Why not do it in a comfortable seat that’s good for your body? That’s why these ONGO stools are our offices newest addition.

It’s important that we maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when spending long days in the office. Many of our health issues stem from a lack of movement and the chairs we sit in all day. Poor posture causes poor alignment and the seats we sit in can make it worse. While a soft chair seems comfortably inviting, if it has too much cushion it can cause the body to sink, reducing blood flow and causing compression under the legs, making it painful to get up at the end of the work day. On the other hand, a chair that’s too hard prevents the pressure from being distributed evenly, also causing discomfort. From a chiropractic standpoint, an ideal seat cushion should be about 2 inches thick, and guess what? That’s what these ONGO stools have!

Many feel that they do not have the time to go to the gym every day or catch that yoga class after work, so why not look for easy solutions in the workspace? It only makes sense to take advantage of something you already do every day and make it work for you in a way that’s healthier!

These stools have an adjustable height of about eight and half inches making it great for sitting at any desk, table, or conference table. It’s lightweight so it’s easy to move around, and for the fashionistas, the stool comes in a variety of colors. You can choose colors for the base, seat, and track making it easy to fit in with any home or office décor.

It helps allow you to comfortably sit upright in a position that strengthens your muscles and aligns your back improving your posture. The rounded base allows movement and flexibility while sitting. It includes the unique feature of audible feedback with the addition of a circular track. Interchangeable marbles that can be inserted into the track move when you do as a reminder to keep moving. This can be a nice white noise while working at the office, or a motivator while at the gym!

Yes, that’s right, the gym! Any workout can be improved with the use of these stools. Lower back muscles get stronger with back and forth, side to side movements so don’t be surprised if you notice a six pack after doing so! I used a stool, much like this one, in physical therapy at the chiropractor. I had been getting severe migraines every few weeks for several years and medications only made it worse. I started doing exercises to improve my posture by gaining back muscles and aligning my back and one of those exercises included the back and forth, and side to side movements in flexible a chair that allowed the pelvis to rotate. After only a few weeks I saw improvement and the migraines faded. All the years of observing what I ate to establish migraine triggers, only to find out it was the alignment of my back that caused unnecessary pressure on my neck and shoulders. Do your back an ONGOing favor and make sure you’re sitting in a chair that’s good for you!

By: Julie Geist