Office, Business & Waiting Room Furniture in Baltimore, MD

As the largest and most populated city in the state of Maryland, Contract Furniture Options, Inc. is proud to serve Baltimore as a leading office and commercial furniture dealer. Baltimore is a city of great practical and cultural value, making it a great location for growing businesses and the arts. The city is also home to the National Harbor, National Aquarium as well as many other great locations for tourism. Steadily growing in population and in population of youth, Baltimore is increasing in the demands and needs of quality establishments and environments that we are more than capable of providing. Contract Furniture Options has a great history of projects in Baltimore and we are ready to start new projects for any form of business, including office spaces, restaurants, educational facilities, lobby areas and patient waiting rooms. There is a wide selection of manufacturers we represent and we will work to ensure satisfaction with our clients as well as the satisfaction of the residents and visitors of Baltimore.