Annapolis, MD Office Furniture Supplier

Contract Furniture Options (CFO) is a leading supplier in office furniture and commercial furnishings. We offer custom solutions and provide products from over 250 furniture and furnishing manufacturers. Our product selection and pricing are what sets us apart from our competition Our jobs are detail oriented and thorough, ensuring that the end user has found the best furniture solution available. CFO serves Annapolis, Maryland as well as cities across the nation and worldwide.

Office & Corporate Furniture

As well as other cities along the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is a host to waterfront businesses, organizations and events. As a leading office and commercial furniture dealer, CFO can help your office become an efficient and successful workspace with current designs in office furniture. From jobs big to small, we can accommodate a variety of needs to make your business meet its full potential.

Government Furniture (GSA)

Contract Furniture Options offers a number of lines of government approved furniture for any federal government location. From over 30 government-approved manufacturers we offer furniture for facilities like courthouses, data processing centers, laboratories, post offices and other federal offices.

Hospitality Furniture Supplier in Annapolis, MD

CFO offers furniture with popular styles and the most current designs that promise quality, durability and comfort that the world of hospitality demands. From hotel room furniture to lobbies and lounges, we carry furniture as well as mirrors, lighting, artwork and furnishings to make a positive change to any hospitality space. Our goal is to deliver comfort and satisfaction to make any customer feel at home.

Restaurant Furniture in Annapolis, MD

Contract Furniture Options offers restaurant furniture and services for any style of eating establishment. High traffic spaces like restaurants and cafes need furniture that can withstand a lot of use so we carry restaurant furniture that is durable as well as easy to clean. We carry tables, chairs, booths, outdoor furniture and more.

School & Education Furniture Supplier

Contract Furniture Options offers specialized furniture and equipment for all subjects of education. Spaces like libraries, science classrooms, art classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and college spaces can all benefit from purchasing through CFO. We can help transform any classroom for whatever educational needs it may have.

Healthcare Furniture

CFO carries lines of healthcare furniture specifically made for patient rooms, doctors’ offices and waiting areas and are experienced in providing what the healthcare department demands in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. From hospitals to specialty health centers, Contract Furniture Options has worked and will continue to provide quality furniture and services to healthcare establishments.